Why You Should Not Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Silver is associated with class, so naturally, people assume you’re fashion forward when you choose to accessorize your outfit with silver jewellery. An arguably rule of thumb for jewellery is that you have to choose between wearing all white metals which include sterling silver, white gold and platinum or wearing yellow gold.

Often you’ll find an attire or jewellery piece with a combination of both silver and gold and they’ll look perfect together. But when you wear separate pieces of both metals, you’ll find that they look tacky and sloppy.

Gold and silver are both dominating metals, which partly explains why the debate over mixing them will probably never end. Gold is a warm colour and mostly blends well with warm colours such as violet, red and brown. Silver, on the other hand, is a cool colour that is best worn with colours like turquoise, green, black, grey, white and blue. Blue and black can actually be worn with either metal. 

Having said that, you might get too fanatical trying to mix both metals with an outfit that blend better with one of the metals than the other. For instance, trying to mix gold and silver pieces when wearing an all-black outfit can make you go crazy. If you’re wearing boots with gold buckles, there’s absolutely no reason to wear them with silver wristbands unless you want to look like you’re out of your mind.

Mixing Silver and Gold Is Destroying Their Aesthetics

The main reason why we wear jewellery is for aesthetics. Wearing bags of shoes with a lot of visible hardware and then trying to top up the look with both metals is destroying their aesthetics. Wearing both metals with outfits that feature busy prints or outfits with bulky stitches is also missing the purpose of the jewellery.

Mixing metals is not impossible, but there are some firm rules to follow. You have to be a professional to be able to pull out a look with a single gold and silver pieces together. If you must have both metals, then go after jewellery that has the two already blended in. 

Missing Silver and Gold Is a No, No

You may have personal reasons for mixing gold and silver accessory, for instance, if you love silver but you have gold pieces that have been passed down from your grandmother. In this case, choose one of the metals to be more visible than the other, else they’ll steal the shine away from each other making you look confused. 

Wearing a piece of jewellery with both metals is the best way to have your cake and eat it. Fashion experts also say you can blend the two metals by introducing a third colour. For instance, you can wear silver bangle with a gold necklace and black and gold earrings. 

In conclusion, whether you believe in mixing metals together or not, you should remember that your each of your jewellery deserves to be the shine of your outfit. You’ll read many articles giving you tips on how to mix both metals, but you should be very careful before trying these out.


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