Why sterling silver is used for jewellery?

There are many purposes for which sterling silver is used but the most common is jewellery. When you see the word “silver,” no explanations are required but when “sterling” is attached before it, people get curious. A common question arises, why sterling silver is used for jewellery? This article contains the answer but before that let’s know a bit about sterling silver.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy that contains 92.5 per cent pure silver and 7.5 per cent other metals. This 7.5 per cent part is usually copper but the presence of other metals can’t be avoided. There is a common belief that sterling silver is not pure silver and thus, not the best. Yes, it is not pure but sterling silver is best for jewellery.

Why Sterling Silver is used for jewellery?

Note that sterling silver is not just the cheap option for white gold, there are many other reasons why jewellery is made of sterling silver. They are:

·       Durability

When taken care of properly, your jewellery made of sterling silver can last a lifetime. Some jewellery pieces at Begnaare so durable that they can last for generations when cared properly.

·       Trendy

If you are not interested in a lifetime jewellery piece, you will love sterling silver jewellery for being trendy. Sterling silver can easily blend with any theme you want. This is the reason why all the latest and trendiest designs mostly inaugurate through sterling silver.

·       Numerous Options

Sterling silver costs less than precious metals like gold and platinum. This is a major reason why numerous designs of sterling silver jewellery are available. The number of options a buyer has in sterling silver are unmatchable when compared to other precious metals.

·       Low Maintenance

Many women often distance themselves from sterling silver jewellery because it tarnishes but if you need some jewellery that is stylish, cost-effective, and perfect for daily use, nothing can be better than the one made in sterling silver. Note that It tarnishes when not worn for many days, so wear it as much as you can.

·       Hypoallergenic

If you are allergic to some specific metals, sterling silver jewellery can help you. The inexpensive jewellery has a major part as brass, nickel, or other metals bad for your skin. But, sterling silver jewellery contains major part as silver and a very little part of other metals. It prevents you from any allergy or infection.

·       Versatile

A jewellery piece made of Sterling silver is versatile enough to be worn with most dresses and for most events. Sterling silver jewellery automatically makes your looks classy. Sterling silver’s versatility increases when combined with jewellery pieces made of other metals.

·       Easy Upgradation

To prepare a sterling silver jewellery piece consumes very less time in comparison to other metals, especially gold. If you want to upgrade your jewellery or order a new one, the process will be quick and easy.

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