Why shouldn't you wear jewellery in the gym?

Do you also belong to a group of people who believe that their jewellery is as strong as the machines present in the gym? If yes, think again.

Some people match up their gym outfits with jewellery, this is wrong and they should reconsider their decision. Wearing jewellery in the gym is harmful to you, your jewellery, and the gym machines. Every expert advises not to wear any jewellery to the gym. But why? Here are the reasons:

  • You may think that you are wearing strong jewellery and will be ok if worn to the gym but remember, it is not indestructible. While exercising your jewellery, especially the rings, might warp, loose stones, or the stones might chip-off if you are not careful.
  • Heat and sweat won’t harm the stones of your jewellery but they could affect their shine. So, this is another factor you shouldn’t wear jewellery to the gym.
  • Some women wear studs all the time, no matter they are at home, work or the gym. Tiny studs can work while exercising but consider the sweat and heat factor also. Moreover, don’t wear any other shape to the gym. They cause destruction while exercising and if stuck in some machine, the damage will be huge.
  • Sometimes a jewellery piece like a chain is right in your neck until it is small and doesn’t become a source of disturbance while exercising. But if your necklace is big, it might, again and again, bother you from doing the exercises. Also, your long necklace can get trapped in some gym equipment and cause some accident.
  • Jewellery in your hands such as bangles and/or bracelets is a strict no because while exercising in the gym, hands have the maximum involvement. When you wear bangles or bracelets in them, they won’t let you perform calmly.
  • If you go to the gym for cardio or if you will lift heavy equipment with your hands, keep your rings at home because if you exercise wearing the rings, they will make the exercises really tough. Moreover, your precious rings might get scratches when connected with hard metals.
  • When you exercise in the gym wearing jewellery, like rings, in your hands, your grip gets affected. This gives rise to a safety risk.
  • If you wear jewellery to the gym, it might hinge on your clothes and injure you.  

Wearing jewellery to the gym is quite common because women often wear their wedding or engagement rings daily and don’t remove them even at the gym. Sometimes, it is also the choice for the simple reason of flaunting and making others jealous. But you should consider the other factors also and prevent yourself and your jewellery from being harmed at the gym.

However, most of the times wearing jewellery or not depends upon the type of exercises you are doing at the gym but the best is to keep your jewellery in your gym locker.

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