Why jewellery should not be worn in the kitchen?

What many men and women think is that they can wear their jewellery pieces anywhere they want, even in the kitchen. But why do they think so?

This is because of the common misapprehension that their jewellery pieces are made of precious metals and are robust as well as indestructible. They are somewhat right but when it comes to wearing jewellery in the kitchen, they are completely wrong. Here are some of the supporting reasons:

  • When you cook while wearing jewellery, some long-lasting and sometimes irreversible damages happen. The fats and cooking oils used for preparing the food can cause stains on your jewellery. It will not only lose its shine but will also leave you disappointed.
  • While working in the kitchen, food particles could accumulate in your jewellery, especially in your ring(s). The beautiful looks of your ring are spoiled, the shine is lost, and it loses its value as well.
  • Cooking is not the only work you do in a kitchen, washing the utensils is another task. If you wash by wearing a bracelet in your hand or rings in your fingers, the soap and detergent can cloud up the stones used in them and damage their shine.
  • The kitchen is the place where most women lose their jewellery because their jewellery pieces might slip into the garbage. The busyness in the kitchen often keeps this act unnoticed. And you know once the garbage moves from your house, it is nearly impossible to get back your jewellery.
  • While cooking the food, your jewellery or a piece of it can fall into the food. It might contaminate the food and can cause serious health problems if consumed.

Not only in the home, wearing jewellery is not a good idea for professional kitchens as well. There are many parts of the world where it is illegal to wear even a single jewellery piece in the professional kitchen. The reason for this is unavoidable accidents and even the clean jewellery can harbour bacteria that can cause severe health problems to customers.

All of those having or working in a professional kitchen can do the following to avoid any unwanted happenings because of jewellery:

  • Search the internet or ask someone in legal profession about the Food Safety Rules of your area and what they say about wearing jewellery in the kitchen.
  • Review the jewellery policy of the business you are involved in and compare it with that of your local food safety rules.
  • Walk around the food business and visually check if everything related to wearing of the jewellery is satisfactory.

It’s quite understandable that sometimes unavoidable situations arise and you have to work in the kitchen wearing the jewellery but try to avoid such kinds of situations as much as possible. And yes, stop being careless about your jewellery. However, it is best to avoid wearing jewellery while working in the kitchen.

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