Why does your jewellery leave black and green marks on the skin?

Are you fond of wearing the latest and fashionable jewellery that transform your look? If your answer is yes, you are amongst the bigger percentage of women who love to wear jewellery. But like others, do you also want to know why your jewellery leave black and green marks on your skin?

There can be a number of reasons your pieces of jewellery stain your skin but the most common is the metal of which your jewellery piece is made. There are some metals which react negatively with your skin and leave a mark when the jewellery pieces made of these metals are worn. Here are the metals usually responsible for leaving a black or green mark on your skin:

·      Gold

Gold is the metal which never stains your skin if it is pure. When the gold is blended with other metals, such as silver, copper or nickel, you will notice that your gold ornaments change the colour of your skin to black or green. These metals are added to gold to make it stronger and affordable but the fact that these metals discolour your skin can’t be denied.

·      Nickel

If you often find your jewellery leaving a black mark, the culprit is nickel. It is usually mixed with gold as well as silver to make them stronger but when the jewellery pieces containing nickel are worn, they react with your makeup and leave a black mark on your skin.

·      Copper

Copper is a metal commonly added to silver or gold to increase the strength of a jewellery piece and sometimes jewellery of pure copper is also worn by many people. Whatever be the case, copper oxidises (reacts with the gases present in the air) and leaves a green mark on your skin.

·      Silver

When talked about silver jewellery, the reference is to jewellery made of sterling silver. It is nothing but 92.5% of pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is other metals. Sterling silver tarnishes, reacts with the environmental gases and causes your skin to turn black. A good thing is that some brands like Begna produce high-quality sterling silver jewellery coated with materials which prevent tarnishing. So, you can go for them.

There are other metals as well but these are mostly responsible for leaving black or green marks on your skin. Another reason behind the occurrence of such stains is when you suffer from skin allergy. For example, when your jewellery piece touches your body parts that sweat a lot, it reacts negatively and leaves a mark on your skin. In some general cases, the allergy makes your skin red, irritated, and itchy, and in severe cases, you might feel the need to consult a dermatologist.

The perfect way to avoid any kinds of marks on your skin is to start wearing platinum or coated sterling silver jewellery. Not everyone can afford platinum jewellery but the one made of sterling silver is quite affordable.

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