Why can't sterling silver rings be resized?

The reasons behind you wanting to resize a ring could be many - your finger has become thinner, it is now thicker, or the ring you like is of a different size than yours. There can be other cases also but when the ring starts spinning in the finger or it being first fitted are the two most common reasons which direct women to go for resizing their ring(s). 

However, rings made of platinum or gold can be easily resized as compared to those made of sterling silver. There isn’t any doubt that sterling silver rings are very beautiful but when it comes to resizing them, they are really problematic. Here are the reasons:

  • It is true that sterling silver is soft and delicate and it is also the reason for not resizing the rings made of this metal. If you want your ring to be resized up to 1 or 2 sizes big or small, you can take it to some experienced jeweller and he will resize it for you. But, if you want the resizing to be greater than 2 sizes, you won’t get the desired result. Remember that sterling silver is a soft metal, it might weaken and eventually lead to loss of shape or breaking of the ring.
  • Wearing a sterling silver ring with birthstones embedded in them is a common practice all over the world. Nowadays, sterling silver rings with precious stones or Swarovski crystals are very much in trend. If you hold one of these rings, most chances are they can’t be resized. However, there is a scope of 1 or 2 sizes big or small but that depends upon where the stones are embedded. In the rings with a decorative pattern all around, it is impossible to resize them.
  • Another truth about sterling silver rings is that they can be resized only once. If you have an inherited antique ring which has been resized once, it is very difficult to resize it again. In fact, the jeweller will also deny resizing it because of the sterling silver’s structural integrity.

Sometimes it happens that the size of your ring changes because of the temperature fluctuations. When the mercury rises, the size of your ring increases. If this is the situation you face when the season changes, the experts don’t suggest to decrease the ring’s size because in another season, the meatal might shrink further and it will become useless. Instead, try reducing your sterling silver ring without sizing.

There are a lot of things to consider before resizing a sterling silver and any wrong step can damage your ring permanently. At last, it can be said that resizing of a sterling silver ring (if very necessary) should be done by a highly qualified jeweller otherwise the shape of the ring can be spoiled and it will be of no use.

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