Which Finger Should We Wear Silver Ring?

Silver rings are indispensable parts of women’s outfit today. Like the silver rings, women shine and look wonderful in any occasion. However, one of the main things that some people consider is which finger I should wear my ring? It is an interesting question actually. Thus, there are many urban myths about this question. It even differs for man and women also from one religion to another. Even though this issue is complicated, one thing is for sure that you are your boss and you can combine your dress with anything. You do not have to follow these urban myths. If a stunning silver ring looks perfect on your middle ring. Who cares about what others think? Just do it! This is who you are and the most important thing is you to be happy, not the others. If you are free soul or if you want to get rid of your society chain, you can you put your silver on any finger. It is how it is! So, if you are into stylish, minimalist, and modernist silver rings, Begna London produces amazing designs for you. However, if you still want to know or you are a bit curious, let’s look at what the others think about these rings and fingers;

  • Engagement Ring

In most cultures, when two people want to get married, they first engage. During these engagement ceremonies, their friends, loved ones, and relatives are in there to be with them on this happy day. We are sure that most of you have been in an engagement ceremony. You all knew that the engagement ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand. Is it not interesting?


  • Wedding Ring

Well, after this great engagement ceremonies, most couple deal with wedding organization. This is actually a very stressful and exciting process for families and couples. When the big day comes, you see that the bride and groom wear their wedding ring on their left hand. Together with the engagement ring, a wedding ring is at the left finger. It means that couples wear their engagement ring on their right hands for a while, then they switch to the left hand. But, why? There are many conspiracy theories on this issue. Some people say that our damars that go through heart follow the left hand. Since two people unite their lives, their hearts are also united. Even though this is a very romantic perspective, it differs from culture to culture. So, you can put on your wedding or engagement by this order, or you can do whatever you want!

  • Index Finger

Actually, there is no fundamental meaning for this finger. However, curious people have already figured something. This is a modern trend. Some people believe that if you put a silver ring of your..ring, it demonstrates that you are ready to meet with someone. So, if you are ready for a new relationship, go for it! 

  • Pinky Finger

Even though many people think that rings are women’s accessories. Many radical men love to wear original and different rings. If a person wears a ring on..finger, it gives a bit clue about his or her personality. It suggests that these people are reliable, can keep a secret, tight and successful.

As you see, these urban myths never come to an end! But, they are fun!