What's The Difference Between Necklace And Pendant?

Most people believe that a necklace and a pendant is one and the same thing. Unfortunately, they are wrong because both are different. A necklace is worn around the neck and features various designs whereas a pendant is a small jewellery piece which can be combined with the necklace. Nowadays, pendants are also featured in anklets and bracelets. To better understand the difference, let’s evaluate necklaces, pendants, and their different types.


A necklace, being worn around the neck has the capacity to enhance the wearer’s costume and draw attention towards her face. Necklaces are available in different lengths and designs, buyers get various options to choose from. The different forms of necklaces are:

·       Cascade

Cascade necklaces have many strands which help in emphasizing clothing, especially high neck or strapless dresses. The cascade necklaces are also available in sterling silver or gold and their multiple layers can be featured in front as well as the backside.

·       Choker

Choker necklaces are smaller in length, rest over your collarbone, and fall along your neck’s base. A choker is preferred by most women because they want to highlight their neck and shoulders. These are available in various styles such as basic ribbons, beads, gems, and precious stones.

·       Single Strand

A single strand is the traditional form of necklace where the single strand is of metals such as sterling silver or pearls. The unique quality of single strand necklaces is that they are available in different lengths and can be folded twice for an amazing look.

·       Opera

The opera necklaces are quite lengthy and hang low over a blouse or dress. Since they feature dramatic designs, most people often notice when someone wears a necklace of opera length.

·       Princess

These necklaces hang right below your collarbone. The princess style of necklace is the most popular and flatters the maximum number of clothing ensembles and necklines.


A pendant is often featured on different styles of necklaces and mostly features lockets, diamonds, and jewels. This jewellery piece has the capacity to enhance the outfits having simple necklines. You can purchase a pendant separately from a necklace. The different forms of a pendant are:

·       Jewels

The designers and jewellery makers use different kinds of jewels such as sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and others to make a pendant. This is a simple yet unique style and adds a classic touch to various outfits.

·       Diamond

There are various pendants featuring only one piece of diamond having different cuts. For example, emerald, cushion or princess. Diamond is precious and versatile at the same time, you can get it in different sizes.

·       Locket

The most popular form of a pendant is the locket. It allows you to keep a photo or precious item within it. Lockets are usually worn on necklaces of princess length because this combination allows the locket to remain near the heart.

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