What will be the Trends in jewels and fashion in 2019?

It’s that time of the year when a new season is about to begin, a time when all the fashion divas start preparing for the forthcoming trend. A marvellous 2018 is about to end and a wonderful 2019 is waiting to be discovered. A lot many changes are going to happen in the fashion world in 2019; you will see some of the old trends returning back, unique statement earrings, oversized chains, and many others. All such jewellery trends for 2019 are covered in this article.

Multi-coloured and multi-layered bracelets

This is the year to primarily focus on your hands. When you are wearing a casual dress and over-sized earrings, complement it with different layers of multi-coloured bracelets. This is an extraordinary fashion hack which enhances your looks without any efforts. Whatever be the size of your wrist, the different layers of the bracelet (or different bracelets) will steal the focus from your slim wrists. It is advisable to wear the bracelet(s) in only one hand.

Over-sized/ Large Earrings

This time over-sized/large earrings are back. In fact, they were not out of the fashion for long; women were wearing them last summer and they will be worn now as well. Wear the ones asymmetrical to your top and your large-sized earrings should reach up to your chin. However, remember that large earrings can put pressure on your holes and cause accidental stretches. So, make sure that you buy a lightweight pair of earrings such as those made in sterling silver.

Be a Star

As mentioned above, statement jewellery will keep you busy. In statement jewellery, star-shaped ornaments will be the centre of attraction. With such pieces, your style will speak that you are nothing less than a star shining in this world. Whether you are wearing star-shaped earrings, rings featuring a star, a star pendant or any other star-shaped jewellery piece, you will gain a classic style that matches any outfit.  

Dazzling stones in sterling silver

Dazzling stones whether real diamonds or Swarovski elements in sterling silver are here for quite long and it looks like they are not going out of the trend in the near future. Dazzling stones indicate stars and allow people to realize that the wisdom is to welcome the unknown and there is a lot more to be explored. You can show this wisdom by wearing a ring, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet in sterling silver with shining stones.    

Layer the necklaces

In the coming year, layer the necklaces. Or, mingle the pendants, i.e. mix and match two or more pendants in a single chain. The idea behind it is to combine smaller things and come up with something big and impactful. However, you can also purchase the already layered necklace or combine the long chain with the small chain(s). And if you regularly wear a necklace, are emotionally attached to it, do not want to replace/remove it, this style is for you.

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