What Does Designer Jewellery Mean?

When people are out in the market to purchase a jewellery piece, they usually come across two forms of jewellery – Commercial and Designer. The surprising fact is that most of them don’t know the difference between these forms of jewellery.

What Does Designer Jewellery Mean?

Designer Jewellery is the jewellery that reflects a certain aesthetic set by a design company or an individual artisan. The emphasis in designer jewellery remains on a specific aesthetic that mostly employs unusual or precious materials, and often consists of handcrafted elements. A collection of designer jewellery can contain anywhere between 10 to 100’s of pieces, having variations in motif, design, or technique.

A designer jewellery is often handmade, crafted by artisan jewellers. Sometimes, a jewellery design company or a jewellery designer employs a team of model makers who create prototypes of a particular design for mass production. In some cases, a celebrity launches the designer jewellery collection which indicates the involvement of the celebrity in designing or selecting the materials of that particular collection. The celebrity usually creates the jewellery sketches but don’t craft the jewellery themselves. This kind of designer jewellery is often mass-produced following exactly the same methods used in producing commercial jewellery.

What are the Different Kinds of Designer Jewellery?

When it comes to the different kinds of designer jewellery available, there are many. Here, some of the most widely known categories have been outlined:

·       High Jewellery

This is the most expensive form of designer jewellery. High jewellery is the short form of high-end jewellery and it is distinguished by its exquisite design, expensive and rare materials, and great craftsmanship. The high jewellery pieces are usually single pieces and they are kept away from mass production.

·       Designer Jewellery

Are you wondering what the term “designer jewellery” is doing in the list of different kinds of designer jewellery? This term is used to define the artistic collection designed and executed by a company or an individual by employing people who possess jewellery-making skills and artistic abilities. An important thing that adds value to designer jewellery is aesthetics. However, it is not necessary that this type of jewellery is crafted by hands.

·       Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery is the kind of jewellery crafted to order. The customer usually dictates the design specifications and sometimes, he/she is also involved in some handcrafting.

·       Studio Jewellery

This form of jewellery is crafted by an individual jeweller by hand. The jeweller works alone or with some assistance. Except for some rare cases, studio jewellery is always handcrafted.

Which Should be Purchased - Designer or Commercial Jewellery?

The decision to buy a designer or commercial jewellery is always personal. If you are the one who feels that both designer and commercial jewellery pieces are same and a premium price shouldn’t be paid for a brand name, you will probably go for commercial jewellery. On the other hand, if you are pleased with a specific designer aesthetic and appreciate the details in a jewellery piece, you will buy the designer jewellery.

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