What Do People Think About Men Wearing Jewellery, Excluding Wedding Rings And Watches?

It’s been the common ideology of society that women have the right to wear all kinds of jewellery and men can only wear watches and wedding rings. With time, this ideology has changed and people are becoming habitual to jewellery worn by men.

History proves that men have shown interest in sporting all kinds of jewellery. Whether necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or any other forms of jewellery, men have always loved them. There was a time when society used to consider men wearing a watch and a wedding ring as acceptable whereas men wearing other jewellery pieces such as gold chains, bracelets, etc. as unacceptable. Thankfully, this is not the time now.

At present, thoughts are more advanced and people consider jewellery worn by men as a normal thing. People think that the kind of fashion a man wants to sport is his personal choice. If someone loves wearing jewellery, it’s his personal style and no one has any right to oppose it.

As it is quite clear what people think of men wearing jewellery let’s discuss some of the common trends men can follow this season.

Mix and Match

If you are wearing a new shiny silver watch, combine it with a colourful bracelet and give beach-ready vibes. When you are wearing a sports watch, pairing it with a metallic one works best. If you are wearing a military watch, team it with a leather bracelet. Always remember that mix and match don’t mean too much jewellery.

Wear a Necklace

Sounds interesting and when applied, will look interesting as well. When you wear a T-shirt, wear a necklace over it and rock the cool look. But the necklace should be the right one. If it is too short, it will allow people to remember dog collar. Similarly, too much gold and too much length won’t work well. You can go for a thin, long, silver necklace weighed down a bit by any interesting artefact connected to it.

Distinguished and Artful

Prefer wearing something distinguished and artful, even if you have to wear two different things, give it a try. For example, wear a bracelet and a ring in the same hand. Go for a chunky and distinguished ring or wear a ring with modified signets. In the same hand, wear a bracelet in artful shape. Think a little and go for the pieces that match your style.

These are some of the styles a man aiming to wear jewellery can follow. However, there are some considerations also when it comes to men and jewellery. They are:

  • When you want to sport jewellery on your arm, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple with few pieces because if you sport various pieces, all pieces will mix and no single piece will get the attention it deserves.
  • Do not wear anklets. No matter if you are on a beach, simply don’t wear anklets.

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