What Are The Health Benefits Of Silver Accessories?

The silver lining for anyone who wants to improve their immune system is in their jewellery box. In the olden days, precious metals like gemstones and minerals were extolled for their healing powers. They were purported to heal one’s body, soul and spirit. This is the basis of jewellery such as amulets, mood rings and others that supposedly have magical powers.

Over many years people began to make designs of different metals, mostly aimed at making it easy for a metal owner to wear and travel with it. More ornate designs emerged, and this was the birth of jewellery.

The history of beliefs surrounding healing powers of metals and gems can be traced as far back as when royals wore gem-studded crowns that they purported to be a protection against evil and illness in addition to symbolizing power and wealth. But is there any truth behind these belief systems? Could wearing silver jewellery have any benefits?

Antimicrobial Properties

For many centuries different cultures have used silver for wound healing, flu prevention, aiding a cold and fighting bacterial infections. Necklaces and other jewellery made of silver are the best buy because of silver’s antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The natural properties of silver also enable it to balance body temperatures, improve blood circulation and improve energy levels. There are wearers who have reported improved immunity after a period of wearing silver jewellery.

Aid in Bone Formation and Healing

Claims have been made over silver’s ability to maintain the elasticity of our blood vessels. This characteristic added to their ability to stave off bacteria, viruses and infections make it a useful aid to bone formation.

Skin Repair and Maintenance

Silver has tangible benefits when it comes to the skin. It protects the skin from potentially toxic substances. This is why it will turn colour or react when it bumps into known toxic chemicals. As silver rubs itself with the skin, it releases a substance that helps in balancing one’s mood and improving energy levels. Silver is also said to make the skin glow and become smoother.


Silver can addle the transfer of electronic signals from environmental or technological sources to the body. This is why some people in addition to wearing silver jewellery will also wear silver-lined gloves or silver lined sleep mask for extra protection when working on their computer or after coming home from a tech job.

Silver’s Health Benefits Are Supported by Science

The scientific explanation for silver’s health benefits stems from its thermal and electrical conductivity. Silver is positively charged which makes the ions repel the electromagnetic radiation directed towards the body. In turn, this stimulates a balance in the body temperature, blood circulation and general wellness. As bacterial has a negatively charged oxygen receptions silver ions are able to bind them, therefore, warding off diseases and illnesses.

A research done by the University of Southampton proved that symptoms of arthritis were reduced significantly for patients who wore silver. Wearers also benefited from improved pain and lower risk of hyperextension a common problem with rheumatoid arthritis.


Silver is a combination of light and darkness, black and white. This colour blends with many traditions and also with the future. Investing in some silver accessories could be all you need to achieve the right balance and harmony, which is what makes life more beautiful.


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