Silver Jewellery

  • 5 Pro Tips on Preserving Your Silver and Gold Accessories

    Sparkling silver can become dull when not cared for properly. Donning a classy bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings can glam your look instantly. The interesting thing is that many of us love wearing silver pieces but don’t pay much attention to their care. If you must keep the shine on you... View Post
  • Why You Should Not Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

    Silver is associated with class, so naturally, people assume you’re fashion forward when you choose to accessorize your outfit with silver jewellery. An arguably rule of thumb for jewellery is that you have to choose between wearing all white metals which include sterling silver, white gold and p... View Post
  • 6 Ways to Match Silver Jewellery with Your Outfit

    Silver has surpassed gold in popularity when it comes to jewellery. This is no surprise seeing that accessories made of silver are able to blend perfectly with all skin tones. Jewellery is the cream of any attire whether official or casual. So it’s worthwhile to know which accessory matches your ... View Post