Silver Sterling Earring Style Guide - 9 Non-Negligible Facts

Most people believe that necklaces are the oldest jewellery but they need to search more because earrings are the oldest. The roots of earrings lie back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, where men, as well as women, used to wear this piece of jewellery.

One thing that was present in olden time and is continued till today is the development in the designs and styles of earrings. Earlier also people used to wear earrings made up of different materials and in different designs, today also people choose earrings crafted differently and in different materials.

This article contains 9 Non-Negligible facts about earrings which will make you nothing less than an earrings expert. Here are the facts:

  1. Hoop earrings can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Today, Hoop earrings made up of sterling silver are available in various designs, style, and sizes. They are a fashion jewellery piece and when small-sized, are best styled with daily outfits.
  2. Hook-style earrings are famous from Roman times and from that time, they have continuously grown in terms of style. Today, Hook-style earrings are preferred most in gold and sterling silver. They definitely enhance your looks when you wear a beautiful dinner dress.
  3. The hinged earrings are in trend from the 1880s and are still preferred by most women, those made in sterling silver are the first choice nowadays. You can sport your hinged earrings with any day to evening dress.
  4. Clip-on earrings are in trend from the early years of 20th Today, all the women without pierced ears can also look stylish without losing their comfort by wearing clip-on earrings in sterling silver. They look elegant when snuggled near the jawline.
  5. Chandelier earrings have a history of several thousand years and they were firstly in trend in the Middle East and India. Today, chandelier earrings in sterling silver are an important fashion jewellery in the western world. They are best when worn during an after-work or evening event.
  6. Ear threads are not that old, can be traced back to 1970s but are quite famous nowadays, especially the ones made in sterling silver. You can go for the ear threads with drops, cups or pegs and can wear them to an evening event.
  7. Stud earrings are as old as Rome but are a common trend since the 1920s. Today, more than 90 percent women (who wear earrings) have stud earrings because they are available in different shapes and sizes, don’t have any loops or drops and do not tangle in bridal veils, hair, and collar. You can wear them when you want to keep the attention at your cheekbones.
  8. Sleeper earrings are usually the small hoop earrings or the small sized studs. These are usually made in sterling silver so that they can be worn comfortably for a longer period of time and avoid entanglement with hair or bedding.
  9. For all the comfort-seeking and without pierced ears, ear cuffs and huggy earrings in sterling silver are a good choice. You can wear them during the day to the workplace, they enhance your formals.

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