Jewellery Trends For Women in 2019

Fashion is not consistent, it changes every day. There are many designers who work hard day and night and bring the new designs for you. The experts and renowned designers suggest that investing all the money in just clothes does not make sense, you should invest logically in clothes, accessories, and jewellery.    

The jewellery trends for women in 2019 are quite special and can’t be described in just an article. Still, efforts are made to tell you about the jewellery pieces and designs that will be making headlines in 2019.

The Bracelet

A jewellery piece that is expected to remain in demand in 2019 is Bracelet. A bracelet always gives a sophisticated look to your hands and in the latest fashion shows, designers and brands have showcased a wide variety of bracelets. These elegantly designed bracelets complement the taste and style of modern women.

Bracelets in sterling silver are going to be the first choice. The secondary choices include the bracelets made of wood and leather. When it comes to design, you can go for bracelets with chains, crystals, and beads in thin threads.

The Ring

Another jewellery piece you can look forward to in 2019 is the ring. Though rings in various designs and style are available, in 2019 the focus will be on simple round embedded with precious stones. This is a classic design and always remains in fashion, no matter this time also.

The next style of rings you can look forward to in 2019 are stackable rings, meaning doubled or triple rings that can be sported on nails or phalanx. If you wear these unusual rings over your gloves, they will give you a completely unique look.

The Earrings

Any jewellery trend is incomplete without earrings, so this time also earrings in new shapes and sizes are ready to shift the focus to your face. In 2019, you can go for big earrings in different geometric shapes such as rhombus, square, spiral. and triangle.

Another style of earrings to look forward to next year is long earrings that look solid and rough. Long means long, those hanging near to your shoulders because there are numerous designs in this style, especially the ones made in sterling silver.

The Necklace

When looking to wear something elegant around your neck, prefer single strand necklaces with a pendant of a diamond. This kind of necklace has the capacity to enhance every look.

The primary focus in 2019 will remain on buying the expensive pieces, especially the ones in diamonds. You can also go for sterling silver necklaces with Swarovski elements in them. In short, the forthcoming trend says that the jewellery piece around your neck should shine/dazzle.

Today, the jewellery is made in various metals but the best metal always is sterling silver. When you sport a ring, bracelet, necklace or an earring in 2019, they will outshine if made in sterling silver.

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