Is Silver Jewellery Also Investable?

Traditionally, fashion was all about liking something and purchasing it. This equation is changed today and people look to put their money smartly in fashion products. In fact, buying a fashionable product is nothing less than an investment for most people. Whether it is about purchasing designer clothes, luxury bags or jewellery, people think twice before putting their money in.

There is one metal that always complicates people’s thought and that is silver. People always remain confused about whether silver is a good investment idea or not. They do not know whether it would be right to put their money in silver jewellery or not.

Well, you might have heard the term “silver spoon” many times in your life. This term itself clears that silver is a precious metal and you very well know that all the precious metals are investable. Therefore, silver jewellery is always a great investment option.

In fact, investment in silver jewellery is better than investing in gold jewellery. Let’s understand it this way - If you consider the historic price ratios of silver and gold, you will find that around 10 ounces silver is equivalent to 1-ounce gold, the ratio of 10:1. Currently, the ratio is 80:1* (with silver @ $15*/oz., and gold @ $1,225*/oz.). When the silver and gold ratio comes back to historic value, from 80:1 to 10:1, you might make 8 times more capital by making an investment in silver jewellery, than gold.

Mostly all of the silver mined today is used by industries. This leaves little or no room for any substantial investment opportunity. Whenever the demand for silver increases even a little bit, the price of your silver jewellery is going to escalate like never before.

Now, you know that there is an opportunity to invest in silver jewellery but understand it clearly that only high-quality silver jewellery will provide you with better returns. Most people and jewellers understand this point and that’s why almost 90% of the silver jewellery available in the market is 92.5% pure and is known as sterling silver jewellery.

But, this is not enough to earn good returns from investing in silver jewellery. Your focus should be on following things also:

  • Firstly, make sure that you find a reputable and trustworthy seller of sterling silver jewellery.
  • Next thing to consider is whether the seller is ready to provide the necessary information such as an assay test certificate and the documents containing info about the origin of raw silver.
  • Finally, make sure that the sterling silver jewellery you are purchasing is monogrammed. It gives customers the satisfaction that the jewellery they are purchasing comes from a designer brand and can be trusted.

You can buy it, wear it, wait for the increase in price, and sell it or keep it with you as a valuable asset. The best jewellery in sterling silver for any occasion is available at Begna, visit now!

*The ratios and rates of gold and silver are approximate values at the time of writing the article, not exact.