Is it better to get a ring bigger or smaller?

So, you have a ring that doesn’t fit your finger well. Without knowing the reason behind its improper size, let’s address your concern. Does this article contain information that will help you decide whether is it better to get a ring bigger or smaller?

It is seen that resizing is a common procedure done on many kinds of rings but there are certain conditions attached, such as:

  • A ring can be made bigger or smaller only a few times (usually 2) and after that either it permanently loses its shape or breaks.
  • There are certain kinds of rings which display intricate craftsmanship or are embedded with precious stones all around them. It is almost impossible to change these rings to a bigger or smaller size.

Now, let’s try to address your concern by exploring the two procedures - increasing or decreasing the size of a ring.

Getting it to a Smaller Size

In comparison to increasing the size of a ring, decreasing its size is quite easier. When taken to the jeweller for this, a small portion from the band is cut and the remaining band is given a circular shape and soldered together again.

After that jeweller cleans any oxidation marks caused while soldering. If required, your ring will be polished and you eventually get a resized and newly looking ring. Not to mention this involves craftsmanship and your jeweller will charge you for it.

If you own a ring with uniform bands or plain shanks, decreasing its size becomes fairly easy but if you have an ornate ring or your ring has a design all around the length of its band, it is very hard to decrease its size. It is because ornate rings need to be redesigned again after the change in their size.

Getting it to a Bigger Size

There are two methods to increase your ring’s size, either stretching or adding a small piece of same metal to its band. If your ring needs to be increased up to half a size, any jeweller can do it by simply stretching. But if the size needs to be stretched more, the jeweller will cut its band, add a small metal piece, and solder it.

Then the jeweller will remove any oxidation marks occurred during soldering and finally, polish it. Most of the conditions while resizing a ring up or down are same. Here also, if your ring has an ornate design or multiple stones are attached all around, it is very difficult to make it bigger without hampering its inherent beauty. Moreover, you need to pay the jeweller for all the efforts.

With both the procedures revealed, you are now in a better position to decide which one is better, getting it bigger or smaller. However, remember that in both the cases, the ring becomes weak and the owner is also required to pay for resizing the ring.

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