How to Match Jewellery with Your Outfit Like A Pro?

In this modern world, some things or situations are not as they seem. Matching jewellery with your outfit like a pro is one of them. It sometimes can be really confusing to harmonize your collars and necklines with pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

There are several elegant jewellery pieces available in the market which when combined with your outfits provide you with numerous styling options. Still confused? Ok, you can go through our small guide and learn how to make this job easy and more manageable. We have prepared it to help individuals choose only the right jewellery pieces which not only make their outfit look perfect but accentuate their beauty as well.

Strapless Dresses

When you wear a strapless top or dress, the best and most stylish option will be to go for a thin, neck-hugging, tight chain necklace or a Choker.

Scoop Neckline

Scoop neckline opens up a good area around your neck. The best way is to fill this area with big necklaces featuring stones. Note that this works best when the line of necklace and shape of stones is round and smooth.


When you wear a shirt or any other dress with a collar, complement it with a neck-hugging and tight necklace, like a Rainbow Necklace, having very less hanging details. You can also sport complex necklaces whose hanging details go below your collar. However, the option to wear complex necklaces goes perfectly well only if the shirt or collared dress you are wearing does not have additional embellishments (like a frill) near the chest region.


When you wear a heavy gown on occasions like weddings, nothing but the diamond jewellery is the perfect match. For example, a bracelet made in sterling silver with Swarovski crystal goes perfectly well with a gown. Secondly, you can also combine a Drop Stone Hand Bracelet with a gown and become the centre of attraction.


Jumpsuits are very common nowadays. Google can easily provide you with photos of almost every famous celebrity in a jumpsuit. So, if you are wearing a solid dark coloured jumpsuit, pair it with floral jewellery.


Blazers are another common outfit. When you are wearing an equestrian, conservative, tweed blazer, make the perfect contrast with a vintage bracelet. Never hesitate to experiment as the result is usually the best.

Loud Prints

When you are wearing an outfit with loud prints, make sure that you combine it with subdued jewellery. Note that huge, statement necklaces like a Star Fall Necklace with Natural Stone don’t go well with loud prints. However, you can always pair such necklaces with a simple white blouse or tee and make your presence noticed.

So, these are some ideas you can consider for matching jewellery with your outfit like a pro. Two things you should always remember – Firstly, always remember to avoid wearing jewellery matching your outfit or vice-versa and secondly, always sport flattering jewellery.

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