How to Keep Jewellery from Turning Black?

Have you ever witnessed your jewellery turning black? Yes, most women notice that their jewellery does not remain as shiny and new as it was some time back. Sometimes within a very short time, their jewellery starts turning black.

The reason behind jewellery turning black is tarnishing, a corrosion layer formed on various metals when they react chemically with elements such as sulphur dioxide and oxygen. And tarnishing happens by your way of storing and using it.

If you too want to prevent your jewellery from turning black, consider the following points:

  • Do not wear your jewellery while coming in contact with water. So, remove it when you bath, shower, swim, wash the dishes or do other activities exposing your jewellery to water.
  • While storing your jewellery, make sure that you keep it in a moisture-free, dry, and cool environment. Always remember not to leave your jewellery in the bathroom, where it is exposed to heat and steam. Instead, always keep it in your bedroom, wardrobe, or at some other dry place.
  • All the owners of fashion jewellery know that they should regularly clean it. While cleaning, use warm water and mild soap. Make sure that you rinse it lightly so that its hooks or tiny attachments do not break. Then, dry it with a soft cloth. To make sure that it doesn’t turn black, do not use harsh chemicals because they instantly will brighten your jewellery but after some time, darken your jewellery.
  • Make sure that your jewellery is not exposed to perfumes, creams, and oils. Do not apply these products to parts where jewellery is to be worn. If applying them is necessary, ensure that they are absorbed completely by your skin.
  • People use a wide variety of chemicals while cleaning their house. You might be knowing it or using them. What you have to do is prevent your jewellery from contacting these household chemicals because they can damage the polish of your jewellery pieces and turn them black. The best will be to remove the jewellery before using the cleaning products.
  • A major reason behind the black colour of jewellery is not wearing it for a long time. So, while you are not wearing your jewellery, keep it covered or wrapped. This way you can prevent its exposure to air and dust.
  • While storing the jewellery, keep it in a jewellery box with lid and lined with a soft fabric, like velvet. You can also use zip pouches of plastic or soft fabric to keep each piece individually. When you protect your jewellery from dust, its shine and attractive colour will last long.
  • Do not abrade or scratch your jewellery because it can darken its colour. For example, don’t wear a bracelet if your work involves sitting on a desk. There are chances that your bracelet will continuously rub against your desk and deteriorate it. All this will change the colour of your jewellery to black.

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