How to keep jewellery from tangling?

How does it feel when you have invested a lot of money in some expensive jewellery pieces? Yes, it’s joyful. But how do you feel when the same jewellery tangles and becomes a headache? Whether you are storing it or packing for a journey, tangled jewellery is never appreciated.

Well, don’t worry because this article is aimed to teach you the right ways to keep your jewellery from tangling. From now on, you will only enjoy wearing it and never worry about twisting, knotting or jumbling of your expensive jewellery pieces.

Pill Compartments

The regular pill cases you get from the local drug shop are perfect for storing small jewellery items such as studs, rings, and others untangled. These cases are secure, made of plastic, and keep your tiny jewellery safe. Moreover, they can be compartmentalized or even organized according to the outfit you want to combine them with.

Plastic Wrap

It is a perfect solution when you want to individually seal your necklaces. This way they won’t tangle with one another. Next time when you want to wear one, just pull it out from the plastic wrap and after using it, reseal to maintain its tidiness.

Reusable Straws

Frustrated with your chains tangling every now and then? Use the reusable drinking straws to keep them stiff as well as organized. Just thread an end of your necklace’s chain via the straw and then use a jewellery pouch to pack the necklace(s) and prevent them from losing. Always remember to use only one straw for one necklace.

Necklace Carrier

There are some necklace carriers available today which not only keep your jewellery untangled but are worthy to carry while travelling. Next time if you want to avoid cluttered mess during your vacation, research and invest in a good necklace carrier.

Cuffs or Rings

Rings made of plastic or metal can also prevent your jewellery pieces, like chains or necklaces, from tangling. All you need to do is loop the necklace around a cuff and put it into the jewellery pouch. This way you can place different jewellery pieces in one place and they won’t tangle.

Baby Hanger

When there are a lot of options to store small necklaces untangled, you can use baby hangers to keep your large necklaces untangled. Even while travelling you can attach your long necklace to a small hanger and slip it into any compartment of your luggage.

Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is also a great way to keep your jewellery untangled. Arrange your jewellery pieces with space of one to two inches between them and then roll in a way that one piece gets covered in one roll. When you are done with rolling, close both the ends and store it in a box or pouch.

Jewellery Organizer or Roll Bag

While researching on the e-commerce sites, you will find a good variety of jewellery organizers or roll bags. If they look promising, invest in them and prevent your jewellery from tangling. 

After getting so many solutions to keeping jewellery from tangling, you really desire to enrich your jewellery collection. Explore the coolest jewellery pieces in the UK at Begna!