How to keep jewellery from rusting?

The term “rusting” is commonly related to iron. However, rusting occurs on almost all metal surfaces containing iron because the iron present in them goes through a chemical reaction and develops rust on them. This further erodes the metal surface.

When it comes to jewellery pieces, rust occurs on them also. In fact, the pieces made of or containing silver and brass are more prone to rust. You should take proper care of them to discourage rust. This way you will be able to protect your jewellery and increase its life.

You can consider the following points to keep your jewellery from rusting:

  • Purchase some protective lacquer from your nearby store and coat your jewellery with it. Note that you should use the protective lacquer made specifically for preventing jewellery from rusting. Alternatively, you can also use clear nail polish. With its brush, gently paint your jewellery piece. Then, dry it completely before storing.
  • Keep your jewellery in a non-reactive, air-tight, and dry box. This is the proper way of storing the jewellery. You can place it in the jewellery box backed with some non-tarnish substance. For additional protection, you can place the jewellery pieces separately in polythene. It means your pieces will not rub against each other, thus remain protected. Remember not to store the jewellery in some cardboard box or on a wooden surface.
  • Regularly clean your jewellery so that dirt, as well as harmful chemicals from it, are removed. If they remain on the jewellery, they can dull the finish which can further trigger the tarnish and rusting process. While cleaning, use cleansers meant specifically for the metal of your jewellery and the bristles of the brush should be soft. This way even the links of chain or hard to reach areas of your jewellery can be easily cleaned. After cleaning, use a flannel or cotton cloth to gently rub it.
  • If you are using some harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, bleach, turpentine or alcohol, remove the jewellery pieces you are wearing. These chemicals are strong and discharge particles in the environment causing rust on jewellery pieces.
  • Note that you should apply makeup, styling or hair products, and perfumes or fragrances before wearing the jewellery. Remember if you wear the jewellery first and then do the above mentioned things, the makeup or chemicals can damage your jewellery’s polish which can further elicit rust. However, if you are applying the makeup before wearing jewellery, limit the quantity of makeup wherever your jewellery pieces rest.
  • Don’t forget to remove your jewellery prior to washing or taking a bath. Keep your jewellery pieces far from moisture as much as possible.
  • You should also remove your jewellery before entering into a swimming pool or a spa. Here also the reason is avoiding the moisture. Moreover, water in the swimming pool contains harmful chemicals such as chlorine which is enough for rusting your jewellery.

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