How to keep jewellery from oxidizing?

Nowadays, women prefer investing more in fashion jewellery than in jewellery made of gold, diamonds, platinum, and gemstones. It not only costs less but provides them with many options to complement their dress and looks.

A common concern with such jewellery is that it becomes dull over time with poor maintenance. Another anomaly is that it begins to rust and tarnish sooner or later. Even if you own sterling silver jewellery, you might have noticed that it doesn’t remain as new always. All this happens because of oxidization. Here are some simple steps you can follow to prevent your jewellery from oxidizing:

Keep the Jewellery Dry

Keeping it dry means distancing it from water or any kind of moisture because when your jewellery is exposed to moisture, it oxidizes. However, you should also keep it away from lotions, the spray of perfume, and sweat on your body. Even your skin oils can dull the metal and plating over time.

Store it Properly

You can also prevent your jewellery from oxidizing if you store it properly in closed containers or boxes. This restricts or completely stops your jewellery from coming in contact with oxygen and moisture. Since jewellery is mostly worn when you are not sleeping and during some days of the year, you should invest in some closed containers and store your jewellery in it, away from the humidity.

Sealant Spray

When you apply a sealant spray on your jewellery, it can be prevented from oxidizing. Go for a sealant designed for the metal you are trying to protect. Then apply it over your jewellery and leave for drying. Some will suggest using a clear nail polish but it is not a good idea because nail polish often flakes off in some days.

Avoid Wearing Jewellery While Swimming or During the Rains

Not wearing jewellery while swimming or during rainy days is also a great way to prevent your jewellery from oxidising. Thinking what to wear during these days? You can wear jewellery made of fabric, plastic, and other non-metals during the rains.

Silica Gel

If you are storing your jewellery in a jewellery box, place silica gel bag(s) inside the box. If you are using a separate zipper pouch for every single piece, place one small packet of silica gel in every zipper pouch beside those in the jewellery box. This way you can prevent your jewellery from oxidizing.

Clean Your Jewellery

You can regularly clean your jewellery to prevent it from oxidizing. There are lots of foams, solutions, and pastes available on the market for cleaning the jewellery. Purchase a cleanser according to the jewellery you want to clean and if you are not sure how your jewellery will react, apply it to a small area first.

Avoid Wearing It Regularly

Some jewellery pieces are very close to your heart and you don’t like them dull or tarnished. The best you can do is avoid wearing them regularly, give them a break. You will notice that they hold their shine and looks for a long time.

After reading this, preventing any jewellery from oxidizing is very easy for you. Invest in some stylish sterling silver jewellery from Begna