How to keep jewellery from changing colour?

It is a fact that most women nowadays love to wear fashion jewellery. There are a number of reasons for this, such as low price, wide variety, low maintenance, and many others. However, one common issue they face is that after some time their jewellery pieces start changing colour and lose their shine as a result.

If you have some fashion jewellery made of sterling silver, note that it can change colour over time (usually becomes green or bronze). This is because sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. When the other metals are exposed to light, air or moisture, they form a chemical bonding which changes the colour of your jewellery piece(s).

Sometimes, your oxidized jewellery colourises your skin also but all this can be stopped. If you are able to prevent the chemical reactions between the metals and air, you can successfully prevent your jewellery from changing colour. Here are two methods you should follow:

Cleaning the jewellery

Cleaning your jewellery periodically can prevent it from changing colour. All you can do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Take a bowl containing warm water, then pour liquid soap (pH balanced) in it. Remember not to use cleansers having alcohol, ammonia, acid or vinegar. They stimulate rust and might damage your jewellery.

Step 2: Take your jewellery and soak it into the bowl, leave it for some time (few minutes). If you are cleaning traditional, foil-backed rhinestone jewellery pieces, don’t soak them. Instead, take a dry cloth and spray some glass cleaner on it. Then, wipe the rhinestones with this cloth.

Step 3: Take a microfiber cloth and dry your jewellery with it. Note that if your jewellery has brackets or prongs, never use a thick cotton towel. Before storing, make sure that your jewellery is completely dry.

Storing the jewellery

Storing the jewellery properly is almost a surety that it will not change its colour easily. You can consider the following steps for proper storage:

Step 1: Take a container having a lid such as a jewellery box. Now, line it with an anti-tarnish paper.

Step 2: Then place your jewellery in it but remember not to keep multiple jewellery pieces in one box. This might lead to changing colour. If you want to keep multiple pieces in one box, use separate soft pouches for every piece.

Step 3: The lid of the jewellery box should be kept closed when not using the jewellery. You should keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight and protect it from dust.

Before wearing the jewellery, examine it. You will find that the colour hasn’t changed.   

Some experts suggest that you can also coat the jewellery with clear nail polish. This will decelerate the oxidization process by minimizing the exposure to air, salt, skin, and humidity. However, you should regularly check because after some time nail polish usually comes out in the form of flakes.

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