How to Deal with Dirty Looking Silver Necklaces?

A bitter truth about jewellery is that sooner or later it loses its shine, especially the one made of silver. Your sparkling silver necklace will not remain the same forever, it will become dull after some time. Don’t worry about that because there are various methods to deal with dirty looking silver necklaces and this article outlines the major ones.

These methods are simple and can be carried out at home but if your silver necklace is antique, fragile or has precious stones in it, you should get help from professionals. Here are the most beneficial DIY methods:

Method 1: Using Water and Soap

This is a simple DIY method to clean your silver necklace. You just need a scratch-proof cloth, soap, and water to start off with the process. First, take a piece of jewellery-polishing or microfiber cloth and avoid tissues or paper towels because they can put scratches on your necklace. However, to cover the smaller areas you can take a cotton swab.

If your necklace is mildly dirty, place a few drops of dish soap in a cup with warm water. Then stir the solution and wet the cloth with it. Now rub the cloth along your necklace. You may have heard that the appropriate motion to polish is circular. However, this method might put scratches on your silver necklace. If there are grains in your necklace, rub it back and forth. To clean the chain, you should place the cloth between your two fingers and rub gently.

Remember to move to the cleaner sections of cloth and avoid adding the dirt back to your necklace. A toothbrush with soft bristles can also be used to clean the detailed areas, but avoid brushing too hard. There are certain silver necklaces having some oxidized parts. If your necklace also has some intentionally darkened highlights, avoid rubbing those areas.

Method 2: The Aluminium Bath

In this method, you should take an aluminium pie plate and add around 1 tablespoon of salt and mix it with 1 tablespoon of either baking soda or water softener. If your necklace is fragile, antique or has precious stones in it, be careful while executing this method because any mistake might damage the beauty of your necklace.

Now you should create a solution by pouring a cup of hot water in the aluminium plate. Stir the solution until both baking soda and salt are completely dissolved in it. When the solution is ready, place your necklace in it. Make sure that the necklace touches the aluminium because this will lead the tarnish to transfer from silver to aluminium.

Leave your necklace in the solution for few minutes and then with the help of a fork or tongs, take it out from the solution. If some parts of the necklace still need to be worked, gently clean them by a microfiber cloth. Finally, dry the necklace.

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