How do I sterilize stud sterling silver earrings?

You might wear jewellery pieces to compliment your dress, enhance your looks or simply because you love wearing them. But, do you know earrings, like other jewellery pieces, secretly define your personality?

Resting on your earlobes and involving your hair to play hide and seek, your earrings secretly express you. If you are thinking earrings made of pure gold or expensive crystals will make you outshine, think again because the length, style, material, and colour of the earrings equally matter.

When the smart women of present time wear stud sterling silver earrings from Begna with confidence, no precious metal or stone is further required to express these modern-day women. If you are also a proud owner of a pair of stud sterling silver earrings but looking ways to sterilize them, the remaining article is for you.

Not everyone wants to spend their money on getting their earrings clean and sterilized. However, cleaning and sterilizing your studs is quite easy. Follow these simple steps and your sterling silver studs will be sterilized in no time.

Step 1: Get a small container of peroxide. You can get it from your nearby store, most stores have it. Look for it in the first-aid section, it will be there.

Step 2: Now pour a small quantity of this peroxide in a small bowl, the bottom of your bowl should get covered.

Step 3: Place your stud sterling silver earrings in this bowl with peroxide and allow them to soak for 15-20 minutes. If you have not cleaned your earrings from a long time (like six months or longer), you should leave them in the bowl for a longer time.

Step 4: Now, brush the earrings with the help of a jewellery brush. In case you don’t have a jewellery brush, you can use a clean and soft toothbrush. Gently brush the earrings, be sure that your brush reaches every crevices and cracks.

Step 5: It’s time to rinse the earrings. Hold them under lukewarm running water, or dip them into a bowl of warm clear water.

Step 6: Finally, allow your earrings to dry in the air. Place them on a paper towel and allow them air dry. They will air dry within an hour. The drying process depends on the size of your studs, it can take less than an hour also.

So, these are the simple six steps to clean your stud sterling silver earrings and make them look new again. If you take proper care of your studs, they will remain with you for a lifetime. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Always maintain a distance from corrosive cleansers such as acid or bleach when cleaning sterling silver studs.
  • The locks of studs should be kept in the same bag because they are small in size and losing them will disturb you.
  • Do not exert unnecessary pressure or bend your sterling studs, their shape can change or worse, they can break.
  • If the studs get accidentally wet, keep them on a wipe or an absorbent tissue paper and allow them to air dry.

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