How can you tell the difference between silver and platinum?

When you see someone wearing a silver coloured jewellery piece, do you also wonder whether the piece is of silver or platinum? If yes, you are not alone because most people in the world get confused and fail to differentiate between silver and platinum jewellery.

These two are amongst the most popular precious metals in the world. To untrained eyes, both look identical because they are both metallic, grey, and shiny in nature. At first glance, you won’t see any intrinsic difference but the experienced eyes can differentiate easily.

The Experienced Eyes Can Always Differentiate Between Silver and Platinum

Some people say that it is not possible to differentiate between the two with naked eyes but they are wrong. Only untrained eyes will be unsuccessful in identifying the difference. If you regularly come in contact with both the metals, you will see that platinum’s extra whiteness provides it with a bright, distinctive sheen which silver lacks. If looking at a jewellery piece, you wonder how the silver in it is so shiny and pure, you are probably wrong because you are looking at the jewellery made of platinum.

In simple words, platinum appears almost white whereas silver bears a bit greyish tint. Moreover, silver is susceptible to oxidation and this property turns it black with time.

Other Important Ways to Differentiate Between Silver and Platinum

There are various other ways to differentiate between both the metals. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • The quickest way to find the difference between the two is the price. Look at their price, you will find that platinum is always expensive than silver, in fact, the difference between the price of both is quite much. Silver is abundant, quickly and easily extracted from the ground whereas the opposite applies for platinum and this makes it the rare metal.
  • You will find that because of the high price, platinum is used in small designs like earrings, wedding bands, and necklaces. On the other hand, silver is used to make a variety of things.
  • Take a bold step and bite onto the jewellery piece (if you are on a jewellery store, they won’t allow you) and find out which one is tougher. You will see that platinum is denser than silver and you will get this feeling while biting down. Though you can’t bite through any of them, you will be able to find which one is denser.
  • Now this one is easy. Pick one jewellery piece of silver and another of platinum. Remember both should be of the same size and shape. Place the pieces on a digital weighing machine, one at a time. You will notice that the platinum piece is heavier than the one made of silver.

So, now you know the different ways to identify the difference between platinum and silver, go ahead and put your knowledge to use.

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