Ethically Made Jewellery: What does it really mean?

Jewellery pieces always look beautiful, but the way to produce them is not often beautiful. During your visit to a jewellery shop, have you heard someone asking – “is it made ethically?”. Such people love to wear jewellery but are also conscious of the environmental and social aspects associated with that jewellery piece.

It’s not hidden that production of jewellery is unfair. Thanks to the Hollywood movie, Blood Diamond that made people aware of the fact that the origin of some diamonds might be related to the abuses of human rights, genocide, and militia funding. To deal with this issue and make the customers feel confident that whatever they are purchasing is “clean”, a novel system came into existence in the 90s, The Kimberly Process.

If this factor is also kept aside, then also there are bigger ethical issues related to jewellery creation. Most of these issues start at the first stage, mining. To successfully run the jewellery industry, earth’s layers are ripped apart and various forests are destroyed just to open ways for this industry.

Moreover, the mining of gold and diamonds create a lot of pollution, mercury and arsenic are used in the mining process. This kind of mining contaminates soil and water which affects the animal life, plant life, and the nearby communities.

What is Ethically Made Jewellery?

After understanding all these factors and their consequences, the new age jewellery designer brands, such as Begna, decided to produce the ecologically friendly and more ethical jewellery pieces in their own studio. The materials used by them are traceable which means the jewellery pieces are made in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

These jewellery designers do not work with suppliers who are anywhere linked to child labour, do not pay fair wages to their workers, and who don’t maintain appropriate working conditions. Ethically made jewellery is also away from:

  • Vanishing animal products, like ivory
  • Mammoth ivory
  • Rare woods, like ebony
  • Shark’s teeth
  • Coral

The Better Options

If you are not sure about the jewellery you are wearing is ethical, there is no need to worry because a lot many options are available. Today, various brands offer sterling silver jewellery made by hands and involve local artisans to make them.

The jewellery by them is eco-friendly and empowers economically weaker sections of the society. These jewellery brands provide livable wages, fair trade, sustainable income, safe job and healthcare to all their workers. The best thing is that these brands combine responsibly-sourced material with beautiful designs and are dedicated to sustainable practices.

Earlier, owing a jewellery piece was enough for people. They were not concerned about factors like how it is made, what is the origin of elements used in it, were the workers involved paid fairly or whether the production at any stage involved child labour. Today, the time has changed and people want the brand to address such concerns. Only then, they decide whether to buy jewellery from it.

If you also care about the environment and want to purchase ethically made jewellery, visit the online store of Begna.