Does resizing a silver ring weaken it?

Are you someone who has shed a notable amount of weight in the last few years or vice versa? One thing sure for both of these cases is that you need to get your ring resized. However, there can be other reasons you want to resize your ring, such as you received a surprise proposal and the ring doesn’t fit in your finger or you estimated a wrong size.

If you are having a ring made in gold or platinum, it can be easily resized but if you own one made in silver, resizing it is very hard. But, before knowing whether resizing a silver ring weakens it or not, it is important to understand different types of resizing.

Types of Resizing

There are only two types of resizing - resizing up and resizing down. Resizing down means decreasing the size and resizing up means increasing the size. When a silver ring is resized down, the jeweller cuts the extra metal and solder both the ends again. When it comes to increasing the size of a ring, these two methods are followed:

  1. An extra piece of metal is added to the bottom. The ring increases by 2 sizes and the customer need to pay for craftsmanship and extra material.
  2. By slightly stretching the ring’s band. It might increase by less than 1 size but overall, the ring becomes weaker and thinner.

Does resizing a silver ring weaken it?

Now, coming back to the topic, it won’t be wrong to say that by now you already have an idea what resizing does to a ring. Yes, it weakens the silver ring also. Whether you go for increasing or decreasing the size of your silver ring, the procedure will reduce its strength.

When your sterling silver ring is resized up or down by adding or removing a small piece of metal at the bottom, the final step is a weld joint. This joint decreases the original strength of the ring and makes it prone to break easily.

When you want to resize your silver ring by less than 1 size, it is usually done by stretching. But this stretching weakens the silver metal of your ring, makes it thinner, and cause the ring to break easily.

Repeated bending is another reason why resizing weakens a silver ring. While resizing, your ring needs to be repeatedly bent which hardens and weakens it. This process works once or twice but when you get your ring resized, again and again, it will become weak and any attempts to resize it in future will cause it to fracture.

Thus, it can be concluded that repeated resizing of a silver ring weakens it. If you are fortunate enough to get a really talented jeweller, your ring can be resized many times even after losing its strength.

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