Can You Prevent Silver from Tarnishing?

Those who love wearing silver jewellery often have this question in mind – can silver jewellery be prevented from tarnishing? However, the answer to this question is no though there are ways to hold up tarnishing and clean up tarnished silver jewellery.

Why Silver Tarnishes?

You might have seen that after some time a black coloured coating develops on your silver jewellery. This is called tarnish and it happens because of the chemical reaction silver goes through when it comes in contact with air and various other substances. Tarnish is a kind of corrosion on silver but its properties are different from rust. It does not damage the underlying silver and is quite easy to remove.

Can Silver be Prevented from Tarnishing?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent silver jewellery from tarnishing because many everyday materials, including air react to silver and turn it black. For example, if your silver jewellery very often comes in contact with tap water, it will tarnish because tap water contains chlorine. Similarly, various foods, almost all the perfumes, hair sprays, and even woollen clothes can tarnish your silver jewellery.

Tarnishing of silver is a natural procedure that can’t be prevented but the speed of tarnishing can always be reduced. However, it is still required to remove the tarnish from silver sometime.

How to Hold Up Tarnishing?

To minimize the rate of tarnishing, you should clean the silver jewellery every time you wear it. This is because oils released by your skin accrue on the surface of your silver jewellery and make it prone to oxidization.

While cleaning your silver jewellery, wash it gently with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry it. A regular polishing of the silver jewellery also delays tarnishing. So, take out that polishing cloth and clean the silver jewellery whenever any sign of tarnishing develops.

You should try to avoid your silver jewellery coming in contact with tarnish-causing substances. It simply means do not wear your jewellery while bathing or washing. If you wear silver rings in fingers, remember to remove them while cooking and also don’t wear a silver necklace with clothes made up of wool. Another substance that speeds up tarnishing is Latex, so prevent your silver items from interacting with Latex. The most important point is to wear silver jewellery only after applying perfume and makeup.

Delay Tarnishing by Tweaking the Way You Store Silver

You can also delay tarnishing by making certain changes in the way you store your silver. While storing helps you to make sure that you have limited its exposure to humidity and air. Place the silver pieces in a sealed bag that closes tightly. It will be better if you place a silica gel pouch along with the jewellery. These small silica pouches absorb moisture and delay tarnishing.

After learning to delay the tarnishing of silver, no excuse is left to distant yourself from enjoying the elegant sterling silver jewellery collection from Begna.