9 Buyer Tips for Buying Sterling Silver Online

Amongst the various forms of jewellery, the one made from sterling silver remains always in demand because of its durability, affordability, and appearance. Sterling silver is a mix of metals where the bigger part (92.5%) is pure silver and the remaining part (7.5%) constitutes of other metals, such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc. This addition of different metals in sterling silver removes the softness of pure silver and gives additional strength to craft beautiful jewellery pieces.

However, all the sterling silver jewellery is not crafted equally and the buyers should be well-aware of things to lookout for while purchasing sterling silver. Here are 9 buyer tips you can consider before buying sterling silver online.

  1. The first factor is the authenticity of the piece. Pay attention to the words .925, 92.5 or 925. If the description involves any of these words, it means the jewellery piece is authentic and it contains 92.5% of pure silver.
  2. The alarming word is “plated”. Whenever you come across this word while searching sterling jewellery, be careful because it means that the piece is made of other metals like copper or nickel and has only a coating of sterling silver.
  3. Research different websites selling sterling silver jewellery. Most physical jewellery stores sell their pieces online. Moreover, you should know your size before buying a jewellery piece online. For example, if you want to buy a ring, find out your ring size because you can’t try rings of different sizes while purchasing the jewellery online.
  4. After selecting the sterling silver piece, read all the information provided about that piece. You will find that every piece has a separate description section which contains information such as the measurement, weight or composition of that piece.
  5. Every authentic seller posts different pictures describing all the details of their jewellery. So, it is a must to consider those images and understand the design of the piece.
  6. Go through the return policy of the online seller. The link of return policy is often found on the description page but all the return details are mentioned on a separate page. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to that page. Read all the details before purchasing any sterling silver jewellery online.
  7. If you have any confusion regarding the product or any of their policies, get it clarified before making the purchase. Contact customer care and put your queries forward.
  8. Online sellers usually provide multiple payment options, such as Credit Card, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, etc. Go for a payment option that best suits you. Before making the online payment for your jewellery, make sure that the transaction is done through a secured server.
  9. After purchasing the jewellery, keep a track of it. If your jewellery is expensive, schedule the delivery at a time when you are at home or if your employer allows, get it delivered to your workplace. This way you will prevent any chances of theft.

After going through all these important tips to purchase sterling silver jewellery online, it’s time to make a real purchase from Begna – a reputed online seller of the finest sterling silver jewellery in the UK.