7 Reasons Your Jewelry Looks Cheap

The message your jewellery send to the public about its cost is critical in making you stand out. You need to show class by demonstrating wearing expensive sterling silver jewellery and that message must be understood. There are several reasons that may contribute to you failing to achieve this objective.

Failing to Fit the Outfit

Any class jewelry must be accompanied by other stylish outfits and vice versa. Anything else makes your jewelry lose their intended purpose. you make yourself noticeable and your taste of fashion just makes the right statement about you. Pricey jewelry must assist you in boosting your status in the eyes of the public

The Gemstone Are Easily Identified As Fake

Many pieces of jewelry are made with fake materials often with cheap imitations of other precious metals.  If this becomes noticeable then your classy expensive style loses its appeal. You look ordinary despite spending a huge amount of money in boosting your jewelry collections. To get value for your money try to buy the original and avoid all those cheap imitations there are enough already.

The Designers Are Incompetent

The work done by designers should have that striking appeal in the eyes of the public. In certain occasions, it is not the material of used to make the item that matters but the skill of the artisan. If the enamel work is sloppy that quality is lost as well as its pricey appearance. All jewellery must have been smooth with clean-cut edges. That's why you need to make the selection done by the experts.

Your Skin Turns Green

Many cheap pieces of jewelry are made of cheap alloys and other metals that always react with your skin at the of contact causing that green colour. This is always an indication that your jewellery is always cheap. To beat around this problem ensure that you always wear jewellery made from those precious gemstones that your skin colour intact. Make an effort to avoid that ugly appearance.

It Is Too Bright and Shiny

Too much brightness doesn't indicate pricey items, in fact, it works on the opposite. Due to many imitations and the desire to make quick money designers are using fake gemstones. The original precious metals have their original colour which is very attractive to the eye. You need to stick to that striking original to avoid looking cheap.

It Lacks Any Fashion Appeal

Jewellery is made to beautify and they must meet the purpose. You need to spend money on something that demonstrates quality, attractiveness and which is likeable. Anything clumsy should be avoided at all cost. You need to make a statement about how fashion conscious you are by getting that perfect jewellery that meets your beauty objectives.

It Has a Childish Appeal

There jewelry that specifically made for children. Animal pendants and such like toys should be avoided by grown-up persons. They quite damage the impact of your expensive jewelry. It doesn't matter the cost but if they have that toylike feature you loose your classy appeal. To benefit fully from your expensive jewelry, try to be conscious of what works and what doesn't.


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