6 Ways to Match Silver Jewellery with Your Outfit

Silver has surpassed gold in popularity when it comes to jewellery. This is no surprise seeing that accessories made of silver are able to blend perfectly with all skin tones. Jewellery is the cream of any attire whether official or casual. So it’s worthwhile to know which accessory matches your outfit.

Time and again fashion stars and celebrities have proven that you can never go wrong with silver jewellery. We’ll highlight seven amazing ways you can add silver to your outfit.

  1. Fashion Scale

An important factor for consideration when it comes to silver jewellery is fashion scale. If you love the outfit with busy patterns, then go for the simple silver accessory. The prints will appear tacky if you wear them with shouty silver jewellery. Silver can be noisy when it’s too much. For example, when you wear a patterned shirt or dress with silver earrings, a silver necklace and silver rings it gets gaudy.

Consider wearing a solid watch, silver bracelet and earrings instead of too much flashy jewellery. With ornate jewellery, you should also keep off ruffled or heavy stitched fabric as these will make your outfit appear tacky.

  1. Match the Theme of the Occasion

You may want to show off you knew dangling wrist silver jewellery but the workplace is definitely not the place for this…especially if your work involves using a keyboard. Hanging silver bracelets and bangles are perfect for pairing with your dinner dress or evening jeans wear for a night out with your crew. When choosing jewellery to pair with your outfit think also of the occasion and how onlookers will perceive it.

  1. Silver and Other Jewelry

Luckily silver accessories highlight all skin tones so your only worry is the colour of the gems on the silver. Blue, purple and red are perfect colours for people with cool skin tones while warmer skin tones pair nicely with green, orange and yellow. Wearing silver and gold together is a big no but you can certainly consider adding a coloured gemstone.

  1. Silver and Colored Outfit

Silver bracelets naturally blend well with bright and calm colours. You can wear your silver bracelet with you pure blue top, your all-black outfit and also with your neon colours. When wearing coloured clothes with silver jewellery, the style of the accessory also matters. For instance, if you’re after a boho feel with an outfit like a blouse a long skirt you’re safer matching this with a heap if wristlets than silver cuff matches. Studded silver earrings will also pair better with this look compared to handing silver earrings.

  1. Match Accessories with Jewelry

There are accessories that pair well with silver earrings and others pair well with silver bracelets. Scarves and hats go well with bulky silver bracelets while big bags match well with silver earrings. The accessory in question should also have a colour that blends with the silver jewellery as we discussed earlier.

  1. Avoid Metal Mismatch

Although mixing metals is a thing with today’s fashion, you must know what metals to match. It can be tricky to pair gold with silver because they’re both dominant metals. If you want to put on both gold and silver get a jewellery that has integrated both of them.

To conclude, silver jewellery pairs well with a wide range of outfits and accessory. Once you know what accessory works well with what you have the freedom to flaunt your silver rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings? Begna.co.uk is the best place to get that perfect silver jewellery and tips on how to pair it with your outfit.


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