5 Pro Tips on Preserving Your Silver and Gold Accessories

Sparkling silver can become dull when not cared for properly. Donning a classy bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings can glam your look instantly. The interesting thing is that many of us love wearing silver pieces but don’t pay much attention to their care. If you must keep the shine on your silver and the sparkle on your gold, then you need to be more careful about how you store and care for it.

Most of us love specific jewellery that we want to have with us all the time. It could be a necklace that you never want to remove, a promise ring or silver studs. These delicate jewellery should be kept away from extreme heat. Silver also fades when kept in sunlight for long periods. You should also take off your jewellery when doing household chores, swimming, gymming and cooking.

Here are 5 pro tips to help you keep your jewellery in tip-toe shape.

  1. Invest in Airtight Boxes

To preserve your gold or silver pieces for longer, keep them in an anti-tarnishing airtight wooden box. Wooden boxes that are not coated will cause your silver and gold to lose their shine or colour.

  1. Clean Jewelry before You Store

The main culprit for tarnishing your jewellery is sweat. Investing in concealed boxes is not enough if you keep your jewellery without cleaning. You should also wipe off your jewellery if you wore them while swimming, cooking or in the gym.

  1. Cover with Antitarnish Cloth or Paper

After cleaning the jewellery wrap it in a muslin-like cloth to prevent discolouration and keep the shine. A good alternative to using in place of muslin cloth is a tissue paper or anti-tarnish paper. Avoid using a newspaper since these are incapable of cooling off and will make the jewellery “sweat.” 

  1. Separate the Jewelry

You can keep different type of jewellery in one box as long as you’re wrapping each of them in its own paper. It’s recommended to have one box for your rings, another for your neck pieces and so forth to prevent them from mixing and make it easy for you to pick a jewellery. Avoid wrapping all the jewellery in one cloth as this exposes them to a greater risk of being broken or getting scratched. 

  1. Use Activated Charcoal Or Silica Gel

Silica gel and activated charcoal have properties that make it easy for them to absorb moisture from the air. After swapping your jewellery place some activated charcoal or small sachets of silica get to maintain a dry air inside the box and keep your jewellery from tarnishing. 


Finally, you can keep your precious jewellery items in the best shape by following the tips we’ve offered here. One other thing, remember to wear your jewellery after you’ve put on everything else including your perfume, cosmetics and make-up. Head over to begna.co.uk to find the latest jewellery in town. 


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