5 Common Mistakes While Buying Sterling Silver

Most people believe that purchasing the best jewellery pieces involve visiting a famous store and picking up the most elegant piece. Well, it is not true. There are a lot of things one needs to consider while purchasing jewellery, especially when it is made of sterling silver.

This does not mean you develop a new belief that purchasing sterling silver jewellery is one of the toughest jobs in the world. In fact, buying sterling silver is as easy as buying groceries for your home. Just like groceries here also you need to avoid some common mistakes to get the best and desired quality.

Wondering where to find those mistakes? Don’t worry, you don’t need to go anywhere because we are going to tell you 5 common mistakes everyone should avoid while purchasing sterling silver. They are:

1) Only Expensive Pieces are the Best

This is a very common belief where people think that only expensive pieces are the best. Here, they need to understand one thing that extremely high price of sterling silver jewellery is sometimes because of the brand name behind it. This shouldn’t be the parameter while buying sterling silver because there are a lot of small brands which offer unique designs in the highest quality at a price much lower than expensive brands. So, remember never to purchase sterling silver jewellery just because it is expensive.

2) Not Caring About the Hallmark

You might have heard the saying “All that glitters is not gold”. This is true in the case of sterling silver jewellery also. All that looks like silver is not always silver. There is a lot of fake sterling silver jewellery in the market, people think they are investing in the right pieces but they aren’t. Also, people sometimes end up purchasing silver jewellery that contains very less amount of silver. That’s why you should always put your money in hallmarked jewellery pieces because the amount of pure silver in them is never less than 92.5%.

3) Don’t Consider the Receiver’s Taste

There are many people who shop sterling silver jewellery without considering a recipient’s taste. This is one huge mistake you should always avoid. For example, people think heart-shaped jewellery will be the best because they are gifting it to their lover but, what if the lover don’t like heart shaped jewellery? What if she loves to wear link chains or simple hoop earrings? Yes, the whole idea of impressing her goes to vain. So, always buy sterling silver jewellery according to the taste of the recipient. For assistance, you can consider our latest collection.

4) Purchasing from Any Jewellery Store

This is yet another common mistake people make to purchase sterling silver jewellery. It is never a good idea to blindly believe any jewellery store or follow the advice of any sales consultant. Since it is very difficult for an untrained shopper to differentiate between the real and fake sterling silver jewellery, you should always purchase from a reputable store. Today, some online jewellery stores like Begna are also emerging as a trustworthy source to get sterling silver jewellery.

5) Avoiding Seller’s Policies

There are times when you gift sterling silver jewellery but it doesn’t work and you need to return it. Sometimes, it breaks or stones embedded in it falls out. It is very important to know what will happen in such situations. Will your seller return your money, exchange it for another jewellery item or issue you a store credit which can be used for making a purchase sometime in the future? Make these things clear before buying sterling silver jewellery.

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