3 Indispensable Pieces of Women's Jewelry

The basic intention of an outfit is to cover the body, and that of jewellery is to embellish. Even the most basic jewellery should complete your look for every occasion. This is why it’s necessary to know the jewellery options that offer the most classic and versatile options for accessorizing.

According to jewellery experts, there are three pieces of jewellery essential jewellery pieces that should be in every jewellery box.

  1. Statement Necklace

A necklace that is statement is one that communicates your style and purpose. The myth surrounding statement necklace is that they should be big, heavy and more elaborate than other jewellery you’re wearing with it. This is not true because a silver or gold chain makes for as good a statement necklace as a bib or collar necklace with different hues and stones.

For decades, necklaces with a strand of pearls have been the definition of statement necklaces. In place of it you could have a pendant necklace which you can beautify with the addition of crystals or a pendant. You can create your own statement necklace by customizing an otherwise ordinary necklace. As long as the necklace satisfied the requirement of adding a dash of sophistication to your otherwise plain dress or top it is a statement necklace.

  1. Diamond Studs

These are yet another multitalented embellishment that can complete your ensemble for the day. Unlike hoop earrings, diamond studs stay very near your ear. They’re the perfect jewellery to draw attention to your face.

Standard studs are made of pearl, silver or gold but you can also have diamond studs for that added sparkle. The type of studs you choose tells a lot about your taste and metals that are best fit for you. Since studs can be worn for all occasions, you should choose one that completes your look every time without being too flashy.

  1. A Pair of Hoop Earrings

Hoops are the most basic yet the most beautiful accessory that one can own. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes. The hoops can be thin, thick, small or oversized. They can also be yellow, rose gold, white or silver. You can even have hoops that are covered in diamond. The type of studs you choose tells a lot about your taste and metals that are best fit for you. Hoops have a timeless demeanour to them whether they’re big or small, large or thin.

The foundation of your jewellery box should be built with these three pieces of jewellery. After having these, you can expand your jewellery box further by having trendy items like a cocktail ring, chunky bracelet and chandelier earrings among others. As long as you have these top three essential jewellery pieces, you’ll be able to meet the world with confidence.

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