15 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know Before Buying Sterling Silver

Jewellery made in sterling silver is elegant, trendy, and valuable. A lot of pieces are available in the market, both online and offline, which only increases the confusion. Women do not know which piece to buy and if they like some jewellery item, they don’t understand how to style it. Here are 15 jewellery style tips you should know before investing your money in sterling silver.

  1. Don’t just follow any trend. Go for the jewellery that suits you, the one that complements your dress and the occasion, and the one not heavy on your pockets.
  2. If you have some sentimental jewellery items that you wear all the time, then consider layering them with other pieces. A lot many new styles can be developed this way.
  3. Confidently wear rings. You can wear many rings in your fingers because it adds versatility to any wardrobe. If you want to flaunt a minimalist look, wear one or two rings only.
  4. Create layers. Whether you are wearing sterling silver jewellery in hands, neck or fingers, increase the overall appeal by creating layers with pieces of different shapes, lengths, colours, and texture.
  5. Don’t overdo. It is true that wearing many jewellery pieces gives you the desired attention but know when to stop. And if you want to draw attention towards a particular body part, such as the neck, arms or ears, it is not necessary to wear heavily.
  6. Change the earrings according to occasions. Women wear outfits, necklace, bangles, and rings according to the occasions but forget to change their earrings. Remember that earrings are also an important jewellery item.
  7. Choose the earrings carefully. Since earrings are visible to anyone, you should pay attention to what you are buying. They should complement your eyes, hair, and skin tone.
  8. Mix Metals. There is no need to stick to all jewellery of a single metal. Flaunt different pieces of different metals and add vibrancy and colours to your look.
  9. The focus –jewellery or outfit? It is a tough question with a simple answer. Wear a jewellery that brings life to your simple outfit. If you are wearing bold clothes, wear subtle and small jewellery items as highlights.
  10. Work out before finalizing jewellery for the outfit. To get that perfect look, try different jewellery styles and then finalize the one that looks best.
  11. Choose which jewellery piece to remain in focus. Many jewellery pieces are worn on the body and each has the ability to be the primary one. Choose the jewellery piece that will remain in focus.
  12. Experiment the way to enhance your wardrobe. Wear a simple outfit and stand in front of the mirror. Now wear different jewellery items you have, mix them, and come up with new looks you want to display in the upcoming event.
  13. Your necklace should match the neckline of your dress. If you are wearing a sentimental jewellery, it’s alright if you hide it inside your clothes. But, usually, your necklaces should complement the neckline of your dress.
  14. Or should you really wear a necklace? There are some dresses which look beautiful without anything in your neck. Also, if you are wearing bold earrings, there is no need to wear a necklace.
  15. Remember there is no perfect rule, ignore them. It sounds interesting, remember that your comfort level and satisfaction is above any rule. If you are confident and satisfied displaying a particular style, don’t care about the rules, go for that style and make an impression.

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