11 Jewelry Mistakes Women Make

Whatever be the occasion, every woman wants to look perfect. Women usually spend a lot of time and money to look perfect but unfortunately, most of them fail because they make some mistake every now and then. You might be surprised that more than 70% of those mistakes are related to jewellery. Don’t worry because this article will help you explore the most common 11 jewellery mistakes women make.

1.    Repeating the same jewellery pieces each day

Though it is very easy and comfortable to wear the same jewellery pieces each day but note that it is important to move out of this comfort zone. Firstly, because the jewellery pieces worn every day lose their charm and gets dirty, take them off regularly to clean. Secondly, it is boring to wear the same piece again and again, nobody likes it.

2.    Not aware of the material of jewellery piece

Whether you buy jewellery online or offline, always be sure about the metal your jewellery pieces are made of. Some ornaments may look like gold but in reality, they are just gold polished. Such kinds of metals can turn your skin green or black and in worst cases, can cause severe allergic reactions. The same applies to gemstones also, be clear about what you are buying.

3.    Cleaning the jewellery wrong way

In comparison to never cleaning your jewellery, it is great if you clean it regularly but cleaning it the right way is important otherwise the precious metal or the precious stones used in it get damaged. Using toothpaste, alcohol or any other chemical to clean is never a good idea. If you are not sure, search the internet or take the help of a professional.

4.    Not at all cleaning the jewellery

This is one big mistake most women make. They do not clean their jewellery pieces regularly which leads to build up and tarnish. Moreover, uncleaned jewellery can be bad for your skin.

5.    Wearing wrong jewellery on the right occasion

Most women plan their outfits but don’t pay any attention to the jewellery pieces they should combine with them. They usually make the mistake of not changing their jewellery pieces. However, it is always better to wear according to the occasion. For example, wear a Blue Stone Xmas Necklace during the Christmas party.

Blue Stone Xmas Necklace


6.    Wearing jewellery while showering or swimming

You should avoid wearing jewellery while in water because firstly, you can easily lose them. Secondly, the gemstone rings and necklaces catch the residue of soaps, conditioners, and shampoos. Thirdly, the water in swimming pools is chlorinated which means it can discolour your jewellery pieces, especially the sterling silver ones.

7.    Storing the jewellery inappropriately

Jewellery pieces get destroyed when stored in places with humidity issues, such as bathrooms. And, if your jewellery is made up of silver, it will quickly tarnish in such an environment.

8.    Purchasing jewellery from cheap retail stores

This is another common mistake most women make because cheap retail stores often fail to provide the minimum required quality. You might pay less but that money is also wasted when you get low-quality jewellery. So, always purchase the jewellery from a reputed jeweller.

9.    Sporting a wrong hairstyle with earrings

There are various styles of earrings but they bring the perfect result when your hairstyle supports them. If your hairstyle is good and supportive, your earrings will outshine. You will get the desired attention.

10.  Wearing the wrong pendant or necklace

When it is about necklaces and pendants, women should select the piece according to the top they are wearing. Otherwise, the match will look awkward. For example, if your top has a deep or V-neck, Y-shaped necklace will look best.

Peace & Storm Necklace 


11.  Forgetting to note the ring size

Many women go shopping for the rings but forget to note the size of their ring. This is really frustrating and they end up paying more for a bigger and inappropriate size. This factor should be considered while shopping both online and offline, being prepared is the key.

If you have understood which mistakes to avoid while wearing a jewellery piece, then it’s time to purchase some new designs, visit Begna!