10 Uses for Silver Jewellery

From ancient times jewellery is worn by men and women to enhance their looks. However, the designs and materials used to make them have changed over time. Nowadays, the trend is to wear silver jewellery simply because it is eye catching and is easily available in several attractive designs.

Finding a store selling silver jewellery pieces in your city is not a big task but what you won’t find is how to use those pieces, when to wear them, how to wear them, and which outfits you should combine them with. Wondering where to get these details? Don’t worry because today we are going to reveal 10 uses of silver jewellery which will end most of your curiosity and concerns. So, let’s begin:

1) Silver jewellery goes perfectly well with the street style. Whether you are wearing a crop top, spaghetti dress or ripped jeans, combine them with silver jewellery pieces such as Star Leather Bracelet or Heart Key Necklace and get ready to make an impression.

2) A common saying is office goers shouldn’t wear jewellery but that’s not true. A lot of big labels have come up with beautiful silver jewellery pieces for office going smart women. Combine Hoop Earrings with your formals and make an impression.

3) Let your silver rings pop with an amazing backdrop provided by outfits in block colours. The shades most suitable are grey, white, and black. If you are into bulky rings, remember only block shades will make them look more elegant.

4) Silver jewellery has the power to make you bohemian goddess Large drop earrings or bold necklaces (yes, multiple) in sterling silver when combined with embroidered, colourful outfits, you become ready to rock music concerts, college fests, parties, festivals, travels or day outings.

5) When silver jewellery is paired with patterns, it always works. Pair your classic and simple jewellery pieces with complex or bold patterns. For example, a simple Stone Ring will shine with your statement dress without being irresistible to eyes.

6) Silver jewellery when stacked make you look funky and add versatility to your looks. Whether rings, bracelets or necklaces, you can either go for pre-stacked ones or make a stack yourself. However, make sure your stacks don’t look too overcrowded.

7) Silver jewellery, especially silver rings, is also worn because of astrological beliefs. It is believed that wearing a silver ring or chain helps in reaping the benefits of different planets and brings positive changes in life.

8) Silver jewellery goes well with leather outfits and accessories. Whether suede or tan, all kinds of leather perfectly complements jewellery pieces made of sterling silver.

9) Your silver jewellery, when mixed with gold, becomes really impactful. There was a time when this combination was a big no but with rising prices of gold and change in people’s attitude, it goes very well. If you also wear don’t care attitude, then this style is only for you.

10) Wearing silver jewellery provides remarkable health benefits because silver is a great antimicrobial agent that fights infections and aids in wound healing, flu and cold prevention, and more.

    So, these are the 10 best uses of silver jewellery not everyone is aware of. If you want to invest in silver jewellery with so many uses, visit Begna, the trendiest jewellery store in London.